How Should I Store Wine After It Has Been Opened?

If you have opened a good bottle of wine and for some reason are not able to finish it, you want to make sure that you preserve it in the best way you can in order to preserve its taste and texture for maximum drinking pleasure. We will share some tips for storing opened wine in the article below.


    There are two things to consider here which are:

    • Where should I store it?
    • How should I store it?

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    Where Should You Store An Opened Bottle Of Wine?

    In order to make sure that your wine lasts as long as possible, it needs to be stored in a wine cooler or failing that in a fridge. You do not have to store red and fortified wines in a wine cooler or fridge but it will last longer if you do.

    You should store red and fortified wines in a cool and dark place if you don’t want to use a wine cooler or a fridge because heat and light will make your wine go bad faster. There are some basic guidelines as to how long you can keep your wine after opening because this varies depending on the type of wine which you can read here on the site.

    How Should I Store An Open Bottle Of Wine?

    You should re-cork it as soon as possible after every glass pour in order to avoid too much contact with oxygen which is the main factor for wine spoiling over time.

    If you want to make your wine last longer after it has been opened, then you should invest in one of the following:

    • A vacuum pump wine preserver
    • An inert gas wine preserver
    • A Coravin

    What Is A Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver?

    The Vacu Vin vacuum pump comes with a stopper. When you place the stopper in the open bottle and use the pump, it sucks all the air out of your wine bottle and creates a vacuum.

    By getting air and oxygen out of your wine bottle, you ensure that your wine will not oxidize after you have opened it which will preserve your wine for longer.

    This is a great little cheap tool that will allow you to have several bottles open and drink them over an extended period of time. You can use it for all types of wines including sparkling wine.

    Some people might recommend a sparkling wine stopper for preserving sparkling wines. However, these stoppers do not take the air out. They might preserve the fizz but they will not preserve the wine itself as well as a the vacuum pump.

    What Is An Inert Gas Wine Preserver?

    This is another method of preserving your wine by limiting the amount of oxygen that comes into contact with the wine. This device inserts an inert gas into the wine bottle before you deal the bottle.

    The inert gas floats on top of the wine because it is heavier than air which prevents oxygen from getting into contact with the wine. This ensures that oxidation does not happen and therefore your wine is preserved for a longer period of time.

    What Is A Coravin?

    If you tend to drink expensive wines and tend to want to have several of those open at any one time (if you are just tasting or trying to pair different wines with different courses), then you should invest in one or more Coravins.

    This device puts a needle in the cork of your wine bottle (so you don’t have to take the cork out of the bottle) and at the same time inserts argon gas in the bottle to replace any air present. You can then pour your wine.

    The cork then reseals itself after you pull the needle out as if the bottle had never been opened. The Coravin allows you to keep the wine for years.

    Most high end restaurants use this device to preserve expensive wines that they sell by the glass. So, if you are planning to start trying some expensive wines, then the investment is well worth it.

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