EdgeStar Wine Coolers: The Reviews Are Out!

You have probably come to this site because you have decided that you are now ready for a wine cooler to take your wine drinking experience to the next level and you have come across EdgeStar either in conversation or when you have done some searches online.


In this article, we will give you a little bit of background about the EdgeStar wine coolers and then share with you what we think are the best EdgeStar wine coolers on the market based on various user requirement categories. You should then have a good idea whether EdgeStar is the brand for you and which particular model will suit your specific needs.

Why Are EdgeStar Wine Coolers So Popular?

EdgeStar is indeed one of the most popular brands when it comes to wine coolers. It is especially known for offering quality and innovative wine coolers at a reasonable price for the average consumer, in effect offering the best value for money.

Their main area of focus when it comes to innovation is to make wine coolers more portable as well as making the best use of small spaces. They are also known for their outstanding customer support right from the installation stage to ongoing customer service.

Who Makes EdgeStar Wine Coolers?

EdgeStar wine coolers are owned by a company called Living Direct. Living Direct has an online presence and makes and sells a range of products mainly consumer appliances, lawn and garden products and indoor air quality products. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Where Are EdgeStar Wine Coolers Made?

The main design and development work for the wine coolers takes place in Austin. The units are then manufactured in China, presumably because it is cheaper to manufacture in China than in Austin.

Another wine cooler brand manufactured by the same company is Koldfront. The wine coolers are made in the same way. However, they have slightly different features to the EdgeStar brand. The main difference is the fact that EdgeStar does not offer a thermoelectric wine cooler whereas Koldfront offers several models of thermoelectric wine coolers.

What Do Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews Say?

First of all, there are different categories of wine coolers and as such we have rated the best EdgeStar wine coolers according to specific categories.

What Is The Best EdgeStar Countertop Wine Cooler?

In this category, EdgeStar does not do very well. This is one of the areas where the Koldfront brand is focused on. Therefore, our recommendation here is a Koldfront wine cooler as opposed to an EdgeStar wine cooler. However, bear in mind that they are manufactured by the same company.

The Koldfront 12 bottle wine cooler is the best in this category according to customer reviews. It has the following features:

  • Storage capacity for 12 bottles
  • Freestanding installation and slim fit design means that it only requires a small space
  • Single zone cooling so that you can store either reds or white but not both
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology. This technology has less moving parts which means that it makes less noise than standard compressor based wine coolers. It also has less vibrations which helps to keep the taste of your wine at its best for longest
  • Soft interior lighting which allows you to show off your prized wines
  • Internal fan which ensures that there is even cooling of stored wines

What Is The Best EdgeStar 6 – 27 Bottle Wine Cooler?

EdgeStar 18 bottle built-in wine cooler is the best in this category. It has the following features:

  • Capacity to store 18 bottles of wine
  • Supports both built-in and freestanding installation which offers additional flexibility
  • Single zone cooling (store reds or whites but not both)
  • Digital LED temperature controls which is easy to use
  • Internal fan which provides even cooling
  • Space saving design to occupy minimal space
  • Tinted glass which protects your wine from harmful UV rays which affects the taste and maturation of wine over time

The Koldfront 18 bottle wine cooler is our next best choice in this category. It is not as popular as the EdgeStar wine cooler above. However, it offers the following additional features if noise and single zone is a big concern for you.

  • It has an 18 bottle capacity
  • It is dual zone which means that you can store both your reds and your whites at different temperatures
  • It is thermoelectric which means that it is less noisy and also causes less vibrations which is essential to preserve the taste of wine

What Is The Best EdgeStar 28 – 75 Bottle Wine Cooler?

We consider this wine cooler to be the best in the built-in under-counter, dual zone, and freestanding categories as well. 

The EdgeStar 36 bottle built-in dual zone French door wine cooler is the best for the 4 categories above. It is a real best seller and offers great value for money. It has the following features:

  • Supports both freestanding and built-in installation which offers flexibility when it comes to placing and moving it
  • Dual zone cooling which means that the wine cooler has two separate compartments with independent temperature controls allowing you to store both red and white wines
  • Easy to operate digital LED temperature controls
  • Locks on both doors
  • Internal fan which provides even cooling
  • Tinted glass which provides protection from UV rays which spoils the taste of wine and its maturation over a period of time
  • Elegant sleek design with soft interior lighting which allows you to proudly display your wine

Our research shows that this is the best wine cooler that EdgeStar make and is a real bargain and is most certainly worth buying.

What Is The Best EdgeStar Commercial Capacity Wine Cooler?

The EdgeStar 110 bottle built-in dual zone wine cooler is the best in this category according to reviews from people who have used it. It would also suit the avid wine drinker who goes through quite a few bottles a week. It has the following features:

  • Storage capacity of 110 bottles
  • Dual zone which means that it has two separate compartments for storing both reds and whites at different temperatures
  • Supports both built-in and freestanding installation
  • Even cooling via an internal fan
  • Protection from UV rays which spoils the taste of wine with its tinted glass
  • Attractive design with soft LED interior light to showcase your wine collection
  • Easy to use LED digital touch temperature controls
  • Safety lock to keep your wine safe
  • Rubber brushing which minimizes vibration and noise

What Is The Best EdgeStar Wine And Beverage Center?

The EdgeStar 26 bottle and 80 can side by side wine and beverage center is the best in this category. It has the following features:

  • Holds 26 bottles and 80 cans
  • Dual zone wine cooler compartment to store your reds and your whites
  • Supports both built-in and freestanding installation
  • Tinted glass for protection from UV rays
  • Easy to operate LED touch temperature controls
  • Locks on doors

What Is The EdgeStar Wine Cooler Warranty Like?

The warranty on EdgeStar wine coolers is very standard and similar to other wine cooler brands. They offer 1 year labor and parts warranty.

This is a good period of time for a warranty on such an appliance and gives the customer the peace of mind they need initially.

Is The EdgeStar Wine Cooler Customer Service Any Good?

There have been complaints in the past with regards to the speed of dealing with customer issues. However, as confirmed by EdgeStar themselves, this was back in 2011 when the company was experiencing massive growth and did not have enough people in house to meet the demands of customer service.

Since then, EdgeStar have invested significantly in growing the customer service side of the business to keep up with the demand. As a result, EdgeStar have now become well known for their excellent customer service.

How Does EdgeStar Compare With Its Direct Competitor Brands?

There are many wine cooler brands out there but EdgeStar’s main direct competitors are probably Whynter and Danby because the range of products and the price range are very similar.

EdgeStar Vs Whynter Wine Coolers

The range of products offered for both of these brands are very similar. The main difference arises when it comes to how the wine coolers look. This is a matter of personal taste so you can check out both brands and see which one you like the look of the most.

The other main difference between these two brands is the fact that Whynter wine coolers tend to be a little bit cheaper than EdgeStar wine coolers. This is due to the fact that EdgeStar is a slightly more well-known brand than Whynter and also that EdgeStar invests a lot more in customer service which has to be reflected in the price of the product.

In terms of quality, both wine coolers are manufactured with top quality parts and you will get a top wine cooler whichever one you go for. 

EdgeStar Vs Danby Wine Coolers

Danby wine coolers are generally cheaper than Edgestar wine coolers mainly for the following reasons:

  • Most Edgestar wine coolers are designed to support both built-in and freestanding installation whereas Danby wine coolers are mainly freestanding which tends to be cheaper
  • EdgeStar wine coolers are better quality and have a more aesthetically pleasing finish than Danby wine coolers

Therefore, in order to have more flexibility of where to put your wine cooler and being able to showcase your wine more proudly in your home, we would recommend buying an EdgeStar wine cooler rather than a Danby wine cooler. However, if you are on a tight budget, then by all means go for a Danby wine cooler because it will get the job done.

Where Should You Buy EdgeStar Wine Coolers?

The best place to buy EdgeStar wine coolers is online because you are going to get the cheapest price online rather than in a local shop.

With regards to who sells EdgeStar wine coolers online, you can buy them from various places, but the most reliable places are the official EdgeStar website and Amazon. Amazon will have the best price which will usually be cheaper than the official EdgeStar website so we recommend you buy from Amazon to get a better deal.

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